2018 06 24, 06:26
Unthinkable Nomos Workshop
November 6th, 12:00
Rupert, Vaidilutės g. 79, Vilnius map
Unthinkable Nomos Night
November 5th, 22:00
Kvartalas, Labdarių g. 3C, Vilnius link
Unthinkable Nomos Conference
November 5th, 15:00
National Gallery of Art, Konstitucijos pr. 22, Vilnius link
Unthinkable On Nomos
October 15th, 17:00
Decad, Gneisenaustr. 52, Berlin map
Reading Room 3: Benjamin H. Bratton The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty The Nomos of the Cloud
October 5th, 19:00
Gedimino pr. 51 map
Unthinkable On Hyperstition
August 28th, 17:00
Tatari str. 64, Tallinn map
Reading Room 2: Attila Melegh On the East-West Slope: 1.2. Liberal Utopia versus Orientalism and Coloniality
July 28th, 19:00
Malūnų g. 3 map
Reading Room 1: Tomasz Zarycki Ideologies of Eastness in Central & Eastern Europe
June 24th, 18.00
Malūnų g. 3 map
Unthinkable Nomos Conference
November 5th, 18:00
Invitation to 3rd Reading Room
September 28
Reading Room link
Open Call for Unthinkable Nomos
September 29
Open Call link
Unthinkable in Decad, Berlin
October 15th, 17:00
Decad, Gneisenaustr. 52, Berlin map

Research Platform

Unthinkable is an interdisciplinary research platform constructed by a constellation of artists, curators, editors, thinkers and theorists interested in the problematics of the Baltics, Eastern Europe, Central Europe and the Balkans. By engaging in the critique and expansion of some accelerationist ideas, the aim is to think, unthink, re-narrativize and speculate on the region. Mobilizing perspectives from inside and outside the region in non-institutional contexts, Unthinkable proposes to advance discussions within the discourse through public interventions, events, workshops, reading rooms and on the web platform.

The concept of the Unthinkable

The idea behind Unthinkable is to create a globally accessible space–a platform for artistic interventions, engagements with art productions and an archive to pursue public, interactive and or artistic research. Unthinkable’s research is being initiated by two Research Groups: focused teams of 5-6 interdisciplinary researchers, artists and scholars, who are unpacking issues relevant to the group research interests coordinated in specified timelines. These teams engage their individual research in addition to the regular, collective Unthinkable meetings; both Research Groups serve as the main ‘coordinating cores’ of the project as a whole, defining the themes and topics relevant to Unthinkable, generating content in dialogue with the public in the forms of international reading rooms and events.

Research groups

Research Group I explores and maps the genealogy of the notion of ‘Eastern Europe’: its invention and uses throughout political, economical and cultural discourses; historically, both inside and outside the region; and how it continues to shape the identity and realities of the region. In particular, they visit the work of Tomasz Zarycki, Edward Said, Attila Melegh. Research Group II began with a deep exploration of Benjamin Bratton’s concept of the “Stack” (2015). They aim to interpret the new computational and geopolitical conditions of our contemporary information age, investigating the effects, conditions or consequences of planetary-scale computation, questioning: what ways this new “nomos” maintains colonial orders; how planetary-scale computation is shaping the geopolitical climate of the region; and what new models of political geography are emerging.