This mode is used for a simple peer-to-peer network. If your Ethernet device or network adapter does not support auto-switching, you will need to use an Ethernet crossover cable to connect the Wireless Access Point in Access Point Client mode. Right-click the LAN connection and click Properties. You will then need to select the Lifetime of the encryption. After the Access Point has been configured for Repeater mode, remove the Ethernet connection, position the Access Point in the proper location, and plug in the power supply.

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The Configuration Utility icon will be colored to indicate the status of your wireless network: Some files will be copied to your system, and then you will be asked to read the license agreement. Wireelss you have created the disk, click Next. This utility provides quick access to all adapter settings.

When the Web Configuration Utility launches, you can change the information about your wireless network. This can be a word or a set of numbers and will be used as an additional form of security. Life in the slow lane: This disk will be used to configure Internet sharing in Window 98SE. The following table contains the operational channel frequency for several countries. This setting only applies to Infrastructure mode and must match the preamble setting of the Wireless Access Point you are connecting to.


11/22Mbps Wireless PCMCIA Network Adapter – TRENDnet TEWPC

If you then return to the Status page and click disconnect for a client, that client’s MAC Address will be added to the MAC Filter list on the Security page and that client will not be allowed to access your wireless network. A window will appear showing you the files that are being loaded onto your system. Select Disabled to turn them off.

Click Install Access Point Software. On any screen, you can click the listing for a device in the Available AP area and the Web Configuration Utility will launch in a new Web browser window. Login or create an account to post a review. You will need to know daapter to properly install your software.

Follow the on-screen instructions. PC Card slots are typically on the side of laptops.

Please submit your review for U. You should hear a beep when the PC Card is fully inserted and detected. You will need to install this software on all the PCs or laptops you plan to wirelessly network together. If you do not accept the terms of the agreement, click No and the software installation will be 22mbpss.


This setting specifies the default After the Wireless Access Point is installed, double-click the icon for the Configuration Utility on your desktop. Next to each client listing will be a disconnect button.


If you create these, you must click Apply for the settings to take effect. If the Configuration Utility detects an Access Point that is wireess enabled for Configure the basic connection settings Congratulations!

Double-clicking the icon in the Quick Launch bar will open the Utility Tool main menu, providing quick access to all adapter settings.

Launch a Web browser and enter that IP address. This does not set the level of encryption for the WLAN. If you click disconnectyou will be prompted to enable the MAC filter option.

Within the Security section, you can change the security information for the 22 Mbps Wireless Access Point. PCI slots are typically white plastic lined with metal and are 3.