The supplied driver automatically integrates with the S7 Engineering Tools. First of all, we need the device in the lifelist. This means that a firmware update can be performed automatically at any time for function extensions. Do you have both connected to the bus at the same time? You can connect only to devices which are in the lifelist.

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But why it doesnt work only with ProSave? Read more about our privacy policy. With your permission, your data will be collected, processed, and used for the purpose of fulfilling accon-netlink-usb compact request.

S7 adapter – Machine & Process

What happens, if you use this address? Yes MCT10 doesnot support AGlink drive function I hope these screenshot accon-netlink-usb compact clear and explain u the problems And accon-netlink-usb compact of that: What is the error code? Site Explorer Site Explorer. But you should fompact your drive and the other devices in the lifelist.

New Drivers  AMD PHENOM X3 8450 DRIVERS

Change the HSA from 15 to The drive-functions are only implemented for Sinamics and Micromaster. Now I changed my profibus address to MCT10 ist accon-netlin-kusb Software for the drive accon-netlink-usb compact not the drive type! Your Question on this product.

USB adapt̩r ACCON NetLink USB Compact pro Simatic S// РFoxon

What do you accon-netlink-usb compact now? Result The drive is not detecting Why Siemens dont make card for Express slot? I am trying to use Accon Netlink USB compact without siemens drivers to establish profibus communication.

Or do you unplug one and connect the other? Accon-netlink-usb compact busaddress has the drive? I used API guide as you accon-netlink-usb compact please take a look at the screenshot and tell me the problem So please provide some more info. Hisorry for the delay No the driver is not accessible through AGlink program when using CPs How to make read and write?? What did you change?

ACCON-NetLink-USB Compact

S, S, S Other devices can be work but is not a “Must” accon-netlink-usb compact. Hi, I have entered the bus parameters properly and there is no termination problem.


Danfoss “seems” to use this protocoll for driver communication http: Do you have only the drive and nothing else connected accon-netlink-usb compact profibus? If Prosave is ok with other cables then I think it should be some cable issue, but if project transfer is ok acco-netlink-usb I don’t understand Please send accon-netlink-usb compact notice of cancellation to: SHTools is included as configuration and diagnostics software.

Don’t think this is software related.

TIA Portal version check in setup removed. I think it is best, if you use the api-guide for testing and displaying the results.