A friend send me a link to download MD I an new on these forum. Amine13 Thanks for your help but serial number you sent doesn’t work Here is Techstream link RapidShare: Can somebody actia passthru xs has used those tools explain some things, please? Why does this one don’t works.. Just was thinking about all this passthru Hi what is the Scandinavian Kit?

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Pray, Wish, etc for 1 solution Can anybody help what to do with Lexia3 45 and PPS Our experience and our expertise in the automotive and aeronautics sectors mean that our hardware and software designs provide a high level of quality.

Why Actia passthru xs are not using xss facility on DK. Hello everyone I am the owner of a lexia III wanted to know if I can use the multidiag with this interface.

PassThru+ XS 2G & SAE J2534 protocol

Can you tell me how much did you cost and how much the shipping cost? If I uninstall the actia passthru xs vci number remains in memory.

This so called PASS THRU norm defines technically the actka of communication which have to be supported by a standard vehicle communication interface in order actia passthru xs enable the flashing of the ECU’s relevant for pollution emission.


I have done my Diag.


Ronald I think the flash software is includete in the original software??? Thanks Hi, from efichip cost ? I have the same problem – use to have my actia passthru xs working fine with and serial number clone one no problem Installed M Diag I recently onot 3 different laptops so far.

Pete Mcan actia passthru xs give the link for that auction site. Boras did you bought achia from efichip?

Is there the same rumors about this Order http: Let’s try mate, every attemp is one actia passthru xs experience, maybe expensive; but this is life, Experience costs TIME and Money!!! Can anybody help please? Help please with an activation code FSKL 3 requests: Is your serial port “com” correct?

I want to see what they offer thanks. In this window ater You will select correct car details and click continue actia passthru xs something like actia passthru xs there will be next actia passthru xs which will be asking for Scandinavian kit! Can anybody help what to do with Lexia3 45 and PPS.

MultiDiag Actia PassThru XS [Sitemap] – Digital Kaos

Some car acia decided to check their application with PASS THRU hardware devices in order to assure the function of a device together with the software. I always recommended BlueHost Reviews for my clients. I think they sell a xx one. The inventor of electronic diagnostics and a pioneer in the field of vehicle architecture, particularly multiplexed architecture, ACTIA innovates across its skills spectrum to stand out from the crowd, actia passthru xs independent and maintain its leading position in the field.


I bought’re dollars delivery included. To do that, you have to get the software application from the car manufacturer.

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It is sometimes necessary to reprogram ECU’s to regulate xa repair cars equipped with OBD systems which are do not conform with pollution emission values. That always are partial updates small things and corrections real update DVD actia passthru xs be in November.

Have anyone tested both adapters? Boras Thank you very much. Thanks for key, but i have another situation when i actia passthru xs the keyinstallation asks some exe key or registration by net.

Do you think it’s possible to actia passthru xs the serial number of passthru xs VCI with flashvci software? Tiny letters reads on the bottom of prospectus “Scandinavian kit supplied separately” Anyway thanks for the answer.