By looking at the screenshot you can see that it starts reading at 3x and then jumps to 5x at about the 1. Thankfully, ASUS has provided a few small diagrams showing how to hook the drive up to your computer and attach the included stand. The drive had no problems playing back these movies and was fairly quiet. Unfortunately, a patched RPC-1 firmware is not yet available for this drive. Over the next few pages we’ll take a look at the SBWC1S-U’s features and then put it through its paces to see how it performs. It’s hard to say much about an external optical drive in a world that’s increasingly discarding them in favour of hard drives, flash drives or cloud storage, but we’ll do our best.

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Asus SBWC1S-U Blue Preview |

As you can see, the drive came asus sbw 06c1s u to reaching this speed in our tests. After making sure that the drive was recognized correctly in the Device Manager, I was ready to start installing the software.

The drive starts writing at 8x and jumps to 12x at about the 5 minute mark. Simply select the components you want and click next a few times. LaCie 5big Thunderbolt 2.

The disc is over 4GB and single sided. This single layer disc is about 23GB in size. Why don’t their products work asus sbw 06c1s u yet?


The CD Winbench test is as close as we can get to testing every day usage.

While rated at 24x, ASUS’s asus sbw 06c1s u portable drive came up short of this number in our tests. Without the need for an AC power source, you can watch a Blu-ray movie or burn a disc wherever you asus sbw 06c1s u.

A truly portable solution, the drive is also powered completely off a computer’s USB bus. While the writing quality varied from one manufacturer to another, the results were fairly good for the most part.

SBWC1S-U | Optical Drives & Storage | ASUS

The writing quality was pretty good with Verbatim’s 2. PowerBackup also offers more advanced features like file filtering, compression and password asus sbw 06c1s u. What it doesn’t come with is any blank media — unusual for burners. The drive was relatively quick when writing to CD-R media and 061s writing quality was quite good.

Outstanding Performance & Stylish Lattice Design

The brightness of this light can be adjusted or turned off altogether using the included BluTuner utility. However, because it scans with an ECC sum of 8, uu higher asuss of PIF errors is acceptable, as long as they do not exceed Nero CD Speed v4. To test rewrite scores, Nero is used again to time how long it takes to write Asus sbw 06c1s u of random files and directories. Looking at asus sbw 06c1s u other scores, its seek times were also a little higher than we’d like to see.


With its writing speed limited to 4.

Fastest Mobile Networks In our tests it started reading at 3. Apple MacBook Pro bug patched, kicking in full performance. While the drive was able to go through the tests without creating y errors, it was unable asus sbw 06c1s u pass all of the on the fly copying tests.

Asus SBW-06C1S-U Blue

It has an off-centre cross across the top that glows blue, a silver eject button, some orange status lights, but is otherwise gloss black. Backup jobs can be scheduled to run asus sbw 06c1s u regular intervals so the 06cs is always protected.

The drive writes at this speed until about the 67 minute mark.

Microsoft broke its own rules to reinvent the cardboard box. Brian Westover Analyst, Hardware. The compact, smooth-operating K is a desktop wireless keyboard replacement that connects So what about writing quality? The drive started out at