February 12 by jayeff. I’ve been using a wired mouse for like 5 months when it was just toggled off the whole time Then Click on it and choose Repair or Modify. I don’t want my mom to find out what happened. Right clicked, selected restart.

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Does anyone have any suggestions for this?

SOLVED: My Asus windows 10 touchpad not working? – Asus Laptop – iFixit

For your issue, please attach to an external mouse, then try to download and reinstall the ATK driver first and then reinstall the Touchpad driver from the following links:.

Thank’s a lot for the ecxellent advice. All it says is hardware, then when I click on the hardware the disable option for the mouse pad is gray and I am not able to click on it. Using Mouse Settings 1. The trackpad works once more. Try plugging in a USB mouse, then unplugging. Elan TouchPad Drivers Version After using mouse for a while, touchpad doesn’t click anymore when I tap on it!!!

I don’t know what’s wrong with it but I really want it to work again. Right clicked, selected restart. Thank you very much for giving this matter your prompy attention. Show 13 more comments. July 28 by vk2dw. You should be able to hit the properties and then uninstall the drivers.


My Asus windows 10 touchpad not working?

Install the ATK package first and then the Smart gesture drivers. Run the troubleshooter and restart the computer. I thought my laptop was too screwed up to ever work right again! Depending on which text editor you’re pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name.

If you’re a business owner who prefers the convenience of a standard mouse to run day-to-day business operations, disabling the touchpad decreases the chances of accidentally tapping the device and making unwanted selections.

I was able to get the cursor back, but unable to click on anything.

How to Disable a Mouse Pad on an Asus Notebook |

Ben, I wrote a detailed post about Windows Installer problem here: Ainun Abd Majid ainmajid. As the touchscreen differs from azus manufacturer, I would suggest you to contact Asus support for better assistance on the issue.

Tab down to Settings and then key down to Mouse and touchpad. I installed all of the drivers once again, and it still did not work. Hi my laptop can’t use the mousepad, the click look lack and moving very slowly.


Also run the hardware troubleshooter. Did I turn off a key? Yessssss thanks so toucgpad. Thanks man I was able to download the new driver for my Asus touchpad it works great now! And the touchpad works again. Stopped working yesterday I couldn’t figure it out and your answer just totally saved me a whole day of frustration and buying a wireless toucjpad.

I have gotten the drivers reinstalled several times along with replacing my touchpad and all the wiring, I am currently out of ideas on how to fix this problem.

Show 5 more comments. For your issue, please attach to an external mouse, then try to download and reinstall the ATK driver first and then reinstall the Touchpad driver from the following links: February 13 by Kirstyn Williams.