You must log in or sign up to post here. My Digital Life Forums. After going through the trouble of reading a dozen forum posts on how to install the HD2 properly, i finally came here, followed above instructions, and everything went GOLDEN. We are currently updating the search index, and it will be temporarily unavailable for a couple of hours while this is in process. Back to the drawing board to first double check the card and op-amps.

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After this procedure, you can listen to analog music from the pc and from the line-in at the same time if you wish and record from line-in. Jul 1, at 5: Now i am using the 0. Sorry to have sounded rude, I’ve just been a little put off by some of the odd looking posts i’ve seen on the forums more recently.

Not totally sure how to help but I understand what you’re looking for.

Audiotrak PRODIGY HD2 EEPROM Flashing

Please try to download it again. The chain is quite fast not yet listened with headphones and the amplifier a little bit on the bassy side. Is this worth to try?


Win7 will then be forced to use the drivers you loaded for the Prodigy card when it finds the sound card after you are at your desktop after boot up and you won’t get any conflicts or error messages with this method. It already worked for me with the 7. You have the same card, but your Fedora based Vortexbox and need to flash the eeprom. I got a new sound card a couple weeks ago for my music server. I think to use this guide found on google, but I not sure at this time My apologies for my not so good english language.

Computer driver update – Windows, Windows 7 64 bit. Zrezygnowalem z W7 tylko i wylacznie przez. No, create an account now. Wull the SS be notable better from standard?

Using these op-amps with satisfy your need for the mid and high ranges but still with tight bass. Oery, Thank you for info! Maybe the lows are a bit more clean.


Thanks people of this forum for this great modification tip! With Roland’s own Asio drivers, I’m using Windows 7 64bit btw. Ive googled around, but couldnt find a definite fix for this.

Stop hovering to collapse I got this burson v2 hdam.

Very little change though. Dac2 DX TE question?

You need to login to view this posts content. Discussion in ‘ Computer Audio ‘ started by hadakanMay 3, The new hardware will appear as “Prodigy HD2 controller”.

QnA – For anyone who is thinking of buying a PRODIGY HD2 ADVANCE

The settings are saved and you can even use ASIO 2. The software installed flawlessly. Jun 19, at 8: It is highly recommended to always use the. Jun 30, at 3: His card also suddenly died this week end.