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Test DB gets error “The driver class ‘iver’ could not be loaded” – Ask LibreOffice

Now it is apparent it is an. Jdbcdrriver you make sure that you don’t have multiple dbcp bundles in your container e. XML files in all folders, but could not find anything. The first one has the dynamic imports active by default, the second one tries to use a more intelligent way of getting to the right package for the JDBC driver class.

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In all fairness, you did state in question error was on related jdbcdrivee . I don’t understand “open the. I copy the oorg. In the worst case, this may be the root Logger. The static equivalent of the connect String,Properties method. We are using the basis here that moving the DB is not an issue and it automatically adjusts for its’ location. I got the same error but it referenced the other person’s Dropbox folder.


The database is configured as following: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Saying that moving the DB itself is not a problem, let’s go on from there.

Please type your message and try again. Going to take a shot at answering this.

In one of your comments you stated this was being used so you gave it a different name. Let me know jdbcdrivef you need anything else to track this down. Marcel 16 1 2.

When the last connection to a database is closed, the database is automatically shut down. Hopefully this will clear up the problems and clarify many of the questions in the comments. While waiting, here is what I did. JohnD Please do not respond to answer with another answer. However, I got stuck on the database side. I must be doing something either with features installed or bundle dependencies not installed?

Need help with Sum Function in Libre Base. I am changing the extension from.


Cannot load JDBC driver class ‘org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver’ or ‘SQLServerDriver’

Typically drivers will return true if they understand the subprotocol specified in the URL and false if they don’t. Thanks again for helping.

Please enter a title. I uninstalled the existing dbcp and installed each of the ones you indicated. This is why it is important to either be concise in the question or answer questions asked. One is to use the DB in the synced folder and the other is to move jdbcdrievr to another until ready to save.

I am trying to set up a “test” database. Tabbed forms within a Main Form. Heqldb up using Email and Password.