They support only Vista. Thanx , all are working fine. This model of Presario has an audio controller that supports the high definition audio. Test the connection by pinging some public IP address eg: Open firefox and go to http: Just download the application and follow the instructions. This will bring up the authentication dialog.

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Drivers for Compaq Presario CTU laptop for windows Xp | Zyxware Technologies

New PCs are seldom bought with an internal modem but there are quite a lot of people with PCs who still depend on dialup as their primary means of accessing the internet.

Audio installed on the computer before installing the audio driver. If you are already connected to the internet through a DSL or a Cable modem connection or through your LAN then the installer will automatically detect your chipset and settings and download the required driver and install it for you.

They just mention Linux as “other operating systems” in their help guides.



Ensure that you dont have any of the power-saving modes on. We had tried all the internal modems available in the Trivandrum local market and we had failed, The driver installation has been simplified through an easy to use installation program.

Linuxant is following a model that should be a good example for other driver development companies and hardware manufacturers.

Thankx again man u r life saver Although we have tested it only on Ubuntu the steps should more or less apply for other flavours of Linux as well. One of the pieces which had been the stumbling block till now had been the internal modem. It has a DVD Writer, It is unfortunate that you have a world cup competition smack in the middle of exam season.

Instead, I established a two-way connection in the following way: Test the connection by pinging some public IP address eg: Hardware Leave a reply Your email address will not be published.

The much awaited World Cup 07 has started. Set the DNS servers as Be careful when you buy external tuners – not all of them support recording.

Compaq-Presario C755TU Reviews, Specification, Price & Best Deals

Voila – you have your own personal recording station. Verify this by trying to open www.


Although they provide top quality connection speeds with very little down time, their technical support leaves a lot to be desired. Execute ocmpaq downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions. Neither Zyxware Technologies, nor HP-Compaq can give you a guarantee that these drivers will work perfectly in your system.

Just download the application and follow the instructions. Otherwise you will have to download the driver from http: Enter user-admin and password-password sudio log into the router administration system. They support only Vista.

Click Next and then select ahdio from the list. If all goes well you should be able to access internet on your system by this point. Here we have the links for drivers for Compaq Presario ctu laptop. Then select “Don’t search, I will choose the driver to install” 4.