Next, I looked for a bpl anywhere under Below, you will find the results of tnsping. There are two ways to do this:. The CommandType property determines one of the three access modes. The Connection Editor appears, with a drop-down list containing all available drivers, a list of connection names for the currently selected driver, and a table listing the connection parameters for the currently selected connection name. The dbExpress Components The VCL components used to interface the dbExpress library encompass a group of dataset components plus a few ancillary ones.

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I will try to reinstall the Oracle client tomorrow.

You can set the LoadParamsOnConnect property to indicate that you want to refresh the component parameters from the initialization files every time you open the connection. Notice also that the database referenced here is the result of my editing, corresponding to the settings I’ll use in most examples. In this case, a change in the predefined connections will be reloaded when you open the connection, at either design time or run time.

I have verified that Oracle 10g XE service is delph. The two alternatives are activated by calling the Open method or setting the Active property to True and by calling the ExecSQL method.

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If you read the entire drivers. This is a string list including information such as the database name, the user name and password, and so on. The dropdown box was empty.

As you can see by comparing the two listings, this is a subset of the parameters of the driver. Once ConnectionName is set, you can edit the Params property to create temporary differences from the saved set of parameter values, but changing the DriverName property clears both Params sqlconnction ConnectionName. Part IV – Delphi, the Internet, and a.


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In this case, a change in the predefined connections will be reloaded when you open the connection, at either design time or run time. Devart Forums Discussion forums for open issues and questions concerning database tools, data access components and developer tools sqlconnsction Devart Skip to content.

Views Page Discussion View source History. Next, I looked for a bpl anywhere under Although you can always specify a connection using only the DatabaseName and Params properties, it can be more convenient to name a specific combination and then just identify the connection by name.

Sqlconneection not suggesting this as the best option, but it is certainly a possibility; delphhi predefined connections are handy, but when the data changes, you still have to manually refresh every SQLConnection component.

Otherwise, if FailIfMissing is False slqconnection, the database is created, if it does not exist. This class and its derived classes represent unidirectional datasets, with the key features I’ve already described.

In addition to the usual Username, Password, and Database, it also requires a ‘Connect as’ parameter. Because Params is a string list, at design time, you can double-click the Params property in the Object Inspector to edit the parameters using the String List editor.


If you read the entire drivers. This list associates settings with a name, and you can enter multiple connection details for every database driver. At design time, this provides a handy technique which has the same effect as reselecting the connectionbut using it at run time means you’ll also have to deploy the connections.

Please provide me the result of executing this code. The CommandType property determines one of the three access modes.

You must reselect the connection to which these other components refer. XE” In all cases I received the same Windows socket error ‘requested address is not valid However, in case you want to connect your program to a new database, you can set directly the relevant properties.

A simple sqlconjection will do. Values property to assign values to individual parameters.

Delphi + MySQL + SQLConnection

Full control 3 Admins: Please run the ‘tnsping’ utility and send me the result type in the command line ‘tnsping localhost’ and press enter. When you specify a driver name, the Params property is preloaded with all the parameters you need for that driver type, initialized to default values. In each of the dataset componentsyou cannot specify directly which database to use, but can only refer to a SQLConnection.

It was not in the Components Install packages dialog listing.