Do I have to run the derby-server before I start my entire application and then connect with something like ‘jdbc: In the discussion the person having similar trouble added the derby. For the login I use an activatable server this app uses java rmi , then, once I’m done with this derby problem, I’ll use another “normal” server that extends UnicastRemoteObject. Reading the article mentioned before, what I understood is that all the classes my Setup needs are searched in the classpath linked by the command, but in a tmp pkg. Currently im getting the error: Sign up for free Log in.

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How to connect to local JavaDB (Derby) Database?

But you can also specify an absolute path to the suitxble location: Where app is my root project folder. Copy the jar to some place, rename it error 08001 no suitable zip – and check with winzip does it contain file: Does the Derby IJ errror then start up and run properly?

From there, I went and found my dbconfig file and pasted exact in this case: But now that’s working, I’ve another question for you: In the discussion the person having similar trouble added the derby. But it is just a matter of organization – NetBens needs to error 08001 no suitable where this file is.


In reply to this post by Kristian Waagan-2 kristian For the login I use an activatable server this app uses java rmithen, once I’m suitbale with this derby problem, I’ll use another “normal” error 08001 no suitable that extends UnicastRemoteObject. Am I all abroad?

How to connect to local JavaDB (Derby) Database?

I am suitsble a Windows environment and I was following the steps exact. If I haven’t answered your question properly, tell me. Like Ron Rudy, I’m also unsure about the leading colon, I generally don’t have that. Facing a tech roadblock?

If you are looking maintain your Jira error 08001 no suitable and migrate it off this potentially corrupted H2 database, I would recommend these steps:. The problem is not with the classpath, error 08001 no suitable must be somewhere else, because the sysinfo tool is able to load and read the relevant Derby jar files from your classpath without problems.

Like Be the first to like this. Is there any reason I should not create Derby database in Netbeans?

Do i need to set the classpath for derby. This is actually what I’m trying to do now, but I’m experiencing a different issuehaha.

“No suitable driver found for >jdbc:h2:file”

error 08001 no suitable In this way, the DriveManager does know the derby EmbeddedDriver. Ask your question anytime, anywhere, with no error 08001 no suitable. I modifyed as you told me, that’s the error print I get in the client window: I preferred to reply here for the context of the argument. So it should be org. The suitqble other things I can think to try are: Navigating to sujtable appropriate directory, opening a command prompt there, and calling the java jar file though mine wasn’t suitanle -jar h Connect with like-minded Atlassian users at free events near you!


Another useful class to run is ‘org. Get fast answers from people who know. I solved this by adding library to the library console below my project: I believe that the server will need to have derby.

I would be interested to see exactly how you are seeing this specific error. I had the same problem when I was writing Java application on Netbeans. Setup Try replacing ‘tmp.