It’s just tragic to see such good resources going to waste. Assign him to the illegal site can’t remember where, try the specialist tab back at the office. Try and protect the immediate illegal sites in your area. Kidnap the priest and take him back home for safety. The yellow gang doesn’t have to be killed if you want to complete the mission, as there’s simply far too much to take. If you want to actually make sure that your trucks are able to make a shipment of alcohol out of town, you might need to create a safe passage.

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Do not kill the gang leader until a shipment has been made and all the other objectives are met. But the charm of this skill is for clearing offices.

They’ll send gangsters to reclaim it. For now, bring the sedans or any roadsters and get 2 gangsters to drive across the bridge and mow the muscle guarding there.

We know that you are new and gzngsters want help with your problem. He’ll be able to steal the items in the warehouse and the evidence to convince the judge and DA.

You could save money by stealing the brown gangs armoured cars and using them for your cause. Buy Tux bribe police chief and send several gangsters to hide in buildings close to the main bridge that that separates the 2 gangs swap any spare ones in the office when those at work become weak.


If you cannnot able to get to the purple gang leaders office, have no regrets to send several armoured cars with full muscle and Tommy guns to wipe them clean.

Since there are 4 of them, there isn’t much chance of protecting all of them. Without this person’s effort, we wouldn’t have a completed FAQ of this directdraww. Everyone can carry one and its free to have. Your cart is empty. Into the heartland] [Act 4: Making sure to use the back roads or lightly guarded and clicking on a street at a time to avoid confrontation.

Gangsters 2: Vendetta FAQ/Hints and Tips for PC by Kegmiester – GameFAQs

But if he’s become wanted or you have 2 by all means use one of them to kill. Use the assassinate accses on all the gangsters.

When putting a specialist into the illegal business, buy anyone from the newspaper, they tend to be more or less the same. But the trick here is that you can easily claim them before he can put a specialist in.

cannot access direct draw driver

This person will come in useful despite his lack of skill. Therefore the normal drill is required. I’ve recieved a lot of questions about this mission. Its recommended you hide several gangsters in the speak easy. A little pointless in my opinion especially when you’ve got muscle.

It’s highly suggested that you hire her and keep her as a permanent member of your team. Since both these sites are near each other, there is absolutely no reason for you not to get both of these gangsters quickly.


The guarding muscle shouldn’t really put too many beating into your gangster provided he has some muscle to accompany him as you’ll hit them first before they hit you. I am sure that someone will come along that has expertise with gaming problems. If you want to actually make diectdraw that your trucks are able to make a shipment of alcohol out of town, you might need to create a safe passage.

Otherwise make your way carefully back and continue claiming land in blues turf. Bomber skill Incredibly useful in gangshers manner of work. Kill the FBI as well because they can be just as much trouble as police under someone else’s influence. Dodge any patrolling muscle is useful acccess so that they don’t hinder escape. As long as its not from your allies, terminate with discrimination.

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Now available for purchase Friend invite accepted. Using other gangsters and assassins as covering fire.

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