After sliding my notebook in and out of a laptop bag the silver paint started to pick up a few scratches. But if your notebook primarily resides on a cluttered desk or coffee table, the dock is a great way to keep the mouse from getting buried under a stack of papers. While I would have liked some tougher plastics and paint, the V is an excellent mouse. Email Name Firstname Comment. Beneath the scroll wheel is a one-touch search button for rapid Google searches. Although there are smaller mouse designs on the market, none of the smaller mice have such a convenient way to store your mouse with the notebook.

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The V Nano performed very well overall.

Since the V is oogitech clipped to the Clip-and-Go dock the bottom of the mouse is always rubbing against the hard plastic nipple on the the Clip-and-Go dock. The ambidextrous V is equally suitable logitech v550 lefties and righties.

The mouse worked fine out of the box, but downloading Logitech’s SetPoint driver added horizontal scrolling and the ability to logitech v550 among documents using the Document Flip button.

Review Notebook mice certainly offer more control and comfort than a touchpad or pointing stick, but it’s easy to understand why many people never bother to invest in one. logitech v550

Logitech V550 Nano Review

Size does matter for notebook users. I cannot overstate how impressive the receiver is. The Clip-and-Go dock is basically just a hard plastic tab with 3M tape on one side. This site may earn logitech v550 commissions from the links on this page. However, without the software you logitech v550 be unable to customize the buttons.


You never need to remove the receiver! However, the USB receiver is so small that it protrudes barely a quarter inch from its USB slot, meaning that, unless you need the port, logitech v550 mostly likely won’t have to remove the receiver.

We wish the scroll wheel allowed us to click on objects, too. As for the V, it turns itself off logitech v550 when the mouse is connected to the Clip-and-Go dock and likewise turns itself logitecj automatically when the mouse is logitch from the dock. The MicroGear alloy scroll wheel allows for hyper-fast page v50. Beneath the scroll wheel is a one-touch search button for rapid Google searches.

The overall design of the mouse is clean and modern-looking, but we can’t imagine clipping the mouse to the dock and logitech v550 trying to place it in a notebook sleeve or lohitech case.

The V comes packaged with a small tin logitecn for holding an extra Clip-and-Go dock and the tool to remove the dock from your notebook.

There’s also a corded Logitech v550 extension logitech v550 for the Nano receiver to plug into for use with a desktop machine.

Logitech V550 mouse debuts

I was able to control logitech v550 Windows desktop logitecu the V from across the room … so the reception range is still impressive.

Both mouse buttons were very responsive but not so sensitive that they caused accidental clicks.

By using our website, you are agreeing to the use logitech v550 Cookies. Logitech has made some ground in the notebook market by introducing a pair of logitech v550 characteristics with their notebook mice. The horizontal scrolling was equally smooth and quick.

Logitech V Nano Cordless Laser Mouse for Notebooks

The scroll wheel, when logitech v550, toggles between clicky, detented mode for line-by-line scrolling, to free-spinning mode where it becomes a flywheel for hyper scrolling. The V cordless mouse logitech v550 receiver combo is easy to live with logitdch works extremely well.


The scroll wheel can also be nudged from side to side for forward logitech v550 backward navigation, like when surfing online. The scroll wheel on the V Nano is fantastic.

Logitech V mouse debuts

The Logitech V Nano is the newest compact cordless notebook mouse generating plenty of buzz among laptop users. When you first remove the Logitech v550 receiver from the packaging it hardly looks like a USB receiver at all.

Another minor issue I ran into while using the V is the durability of the silver paint on the top of the mouse. While the V Nano mouse is certainly impressive in its own right, the real story is the Nano receiver and the Clip-and-Go dock. Mini mice aren’t easy to keep track of, especially on cluttered logitech v550.

Logitech includes a small metal case with two Clip-and-Go docks one silver and one black as well as a dock removal tool and logitech v550 alcohol cleaning wipes.

Of course, there really is no need for a travel case since logitech v550 V is designed to be clipped to your notebook when traveling. While I would have liked some tougher plastics and paint, logitech v550 V is an excellent mouse. The tab on a can of soda is larger than this thing!