Adjusting the Document Stop Position 1. Setting of whether or not auto clear takes place after the speci- No Reset fied time from the end of copying or a key operation and also the 1 min. Safety Precautions for Inspection and Service When performing inspection and service procedures, observe the following precautions to prevent accidents and ensure utmost safety. Use the measuring scale above the green lever as a guide to determine the amount of the adjustment. Touch the paper size to be set. Page 8 Label inside copy machine The following laser safety label will be attached inside the copy machine as shown below.

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Page Loosen the two screws of the drawer.

Konica Minolta DiALTA Di Copier A3 Multifunction Printer

To ensure that the copier is used in an optimum condition Tighten the Shoulder Screws until there is no clearance between the hinges and the copier body. Remove one shoulder screw and the Fusing Guide Assy. On the FN Packing bracket Tape: Developing bias contact terminal is Clean minolta di251 change. D-2 Variable Resistors minopta Board Harness Cover Remove one screw that secures the Harness Cover. After the gap has been adjusted, tighten the front minolta di251 back wing bolts 2 and set the adjust bolts.


Please minoota the following for minolta di251 own protection. Fold the paper that is fed out in half, and check that the punched holes are aligned.

Set the finisher with the main unit by inserting one end of the pipe that was used in STEP 2 into the side of the main unit where the feeder attachment is installed. minolta di251

When IR is faulty. Reading the Text 1. Minolta di251 For details, see Option service manual. PH Assy window glass is dirty. Access minolta di251 service mode screen. Setting Instructions If width Xi251 is wider than specifications, make the setting value smaller than the current one. Remove the rear Cover from the Paper Feed Unit.

Minolta Di251 Service Manual

Comments minolta di251 this Manuals Your Name. Zoom Auto Panel Reset Select the time minolta di251 takes the Auto Panel Reset function, which resets the panel settings when the set period of time elapses after a copy cycle has been completed or the last key operated, to be activated.

Touch the key representing the drawer selected as the paper source, and then press the start key. Remove the CCD Unit. Indicates the memory reserve Reserving Capacity In The Copy capacity per copy converted minolta di251 Memory copy image compression, and reserves memory capacity before start of scanning, according to the set compression correspond- ing to the monolta used.


Cable Guide DAA Adjusts in direction C -: Press the Utility key. Copy, and Basics keys are displayed. Pc Drum Cleaning If it fails to restart the program, check the electrical component, unit, option, and connection relating minolta di251 the specific minolta di251 of the abort condition. Remove one screw and the minolta di251 holder in the rear.

Move the Scanner to the location shown in the illustration. Page Blank Copy There is a phototransistor that converts the intensity of the xi251 reflected off the toner to a corresponding voltage value and outputs it. To the back 1.