Pull the handle of the roll holder locking mechanism towards you and remove the roll holder from the core of the media roll. Detailed information about the status is displayed in the tooltip. You will get a list of possible answers. Page Define the default output quality for scan jobs ‘Background compensation’ Values Description ‘On’ If you select ‘Auto’ the system decides depending on the original type whether background compensation will be on or off. Solve Problems Chapter 9 Solve problems

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Oce PlotWave | A0 Printer Solutions

Auto-feed The Original Auto-feed the original Auto-feed the original Introduction The auto-feed functionality enables you to improve your productivity. Make a copy of poltwave specific area of an original Make a copy of a specific area of an original Introduction You can make a copy of a specific area of an original with the ‘Remove strip’ setting.

Remove any jammed printing material from the paper path and, if plottwave, pull back the media and rewind it. The following workflow describes per step when to use which possibility. Load a media roll position 2 Note: Use Smart Inboxes in a multiple-user environment Use Smart Inboxes in a multiple-user environment Introduction A multiple-user environment is a working environment where users directly send jobs to the printer, collect their own prints and make their own copies and scans.

From sleep mode to print in hand in only 40 seconds.

Configure the sleep mode timer Configure the sleep mode timer Introduction If the printer is idle for a defined period it goes into sleep mode. As a result, for example, an original file of A0 format will produce an A2 format copy. Introduction to scan jobs Basic scan jobs Introduction to scan jobs A basic scan job only ocs three steps.


Page 56 Load a media roll position 1 Use both hands to turn the media roll backwards 1 until the media flap has passed the metal paper guide.

Oce plotwave 350 multi-functional plan printer

For some File types, the Compression and Organiza- tion settings cannot be set in all situations. How to edit a setting How to edit a setting Browse to the settings group you want to edit, for example ‘Preferences’ – ‘System settings’ – ‘Print queue management’.

Introduction to copy jobs Basic copy jobs Introduction to copy jobs A basic copy job only takes two steps. Page Index Scanner open levers Rotation Select the ‘Setup’ tab. Make sure the mains supply cable A is plugged in. Replace the residual toner container Replace the residual toner container Introduction Every second time you have refilled the toner, you must also replace the plotaave toner container Note: Chapter 6 – Maintain the printing system This system is the next wave in versatility, speed and reliability for printing, copying and scanning technical documents.

Available settings for copy jobs Settings group: If you select a remote scan destination ‘Configuration’ – ‘Scan destinations’ it is possible that the scanned file cannot be delivered to this destination.

Make Multiple Sets Of Copies Make multiple plotwwve of copies Make multiple sets of copies Introduction You can use the ‘Create set’ option to make multiple sets of copies.

New Drivers  USB VID 0A12 PID 0001 REV 3164 DRIVER FOR WINDOWS 7

Contact your system administrator if the connection fails. Page Move and re-adjust the printing system Slide the lower left front cover 1 to remove it.

Page Print from your mobile device Setting Description ‘Layout’ Indicate whether you want to apply a transformation to the document: The ‘System’ tab is visible lpotwave all pages at the bottom of the page.

OCE Plotwave Supplies

Use the media size indication on the media bypass to align the cut sheet media correctly. You can also use this setting to copy a specific area of the original. Technical specifications are subject to change without prior notice. Click ‘Ok’ to confirm your entries or ‘Cancel’ to reject your entries. You do not need to center the original precisely. In that case the scanned file will also be placed in the ‘Scans’ Smart Inbox.

Use a Masslin towel that has been moistened with water and firmly wrung out to clean the following parts of the scanner. Use both hands as indicated to lift the roll holder with the media roll and put it on the roll loading station.

Introduction Mobile printing or scanning is the ability to perform the following actions: Do not open the media drawer during the print process.