2018 06 24, 06:26
Unthinkable Nomos Workshop
November 6th, 12:00
Rupert, Vaidilutės g. 79, Vilnius map
Unthinkable Nomos Night
November 5th, 22:00
Kvartalas, Labdarių g. 3C, Vilnius link
Unthinkable Nomos Conference
November 5th, 15:00
National Gallery of Art, Konstitucijos pr. 22, Vilnius link
Unthinkable On Nomos
October 15th, 17:00
Decad, Gneisenaustr. 52, Berlin map
Reading Room 3: Benjamin H. Bratton The Stack: On Software and Sovereignty The Nomos of the Cloud
October 5th, 19:00
Gedimino pr. 51 map
Unthinkable On Hyperstition
August 28th, 17:00
Tatari str. 64, Tallinn map
Reading Room 2: Attila Melegh On the East-West Slope: 1.2. Liberal Utopia versus Orientalism and Coloniality
July 28th, 19:00
Malūnų g. 3 map
Reading Room 1: Tomasz Zarycki Ideologies of Eastness in Central & Eastern Europe
June 24th, 18.00
Malūnų g. 3 map
Unthinkable Nomos Conference
November 5th, 18:00
Invitation to 3rd Reading Room
September 28
Reading Room link
Open Call for Unthinkable Nomos
September 29
Open Call link
Unthinkable in Decad, Berlin
October 15th, 17:00
Decad, Gneisenaustr. 52, Berlin map

Open Call

This November 6th, Unthinkable invites you to participate in the Unthinkable Nomos Workshop, in Vilnius. Together we will form a large research group to investigate the cardinal threads pertinent to rethinking our contemporary nomoi (plural of nomos). Following from the Unthinkable Nomos Conference and Night event, this workshop will be an investigation into some of the main aims outlined in the Unthinkable Nomos abstract (see below).


To participate in the Unthinkable Nomos Workshop, please send a letter addressed to nomos@unthinkable.site that includes:
– a short description identifying your interests in the workshop;
– your experience(s) with either, doing group thinking/concept engineering, or with any of the event’s research topics* (optional);
– please state your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices for the work groups you would like to be part of most. Unfortunately not every person can be put into their first choice so to maintain the group ratios.
– a short, two-sentence bio so we can know something more about you. CVs are unnecessary.

Tracing the Unthinkable Nomos

Four working groups will be formed to coordinate a concentrated research area, defined by four important research threads. In recognition of diversity in thought, and in order to develop the integrity and rigour of a collective thinking practice, later to be refined and posed to the invited informants – scholars in according areas of research, important to the development of the platform for rethinking and unthinking the nomos.

This is a methodology that has been uniquely conceived within Unthinkable in order to maximize the creative potential and intellectual efficiency for collective research in a new formation. Confirmed videocall guests for the Sunday workshop in Rupert are: Nick Srnicek, lecturer at City University, author of Platform Capitalism (Polity), Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work (Verso, with Alex Williams), and the forthcoming After Work: What’s Left and Who Cares? (Verso, with Helen Hester) and Pete Wolfendale, a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Johannesburg. Wolfendale’s work develops the consequences of philosophical rationalism for the philosophy of mind, aesthetics, and metaphysics. He is the author of ‘Object-Oriented Philosophy: The Noumenon’s New Clothes’ (Urbanomic 2014).

Working Groups / Topical Threads

Keys: colonial matrices of power, globalization, eurocentrisms, xenophobias, syncretisms, hybridisations, multiple modernities, relative universals, perspectivalism, multiple time-lines, relativity, plasticity, contamination, anthropophagy, ‘North-South’ divide(s), indigenous activism.
Keys: monopolistic platforms (Google, Facebook, Apple, Microsoft, Siemens, Uber, Airbnb etc. ), 21-st century capitalism, Neoliberal hegemony, transforming global economy, visions and difficulties of post-capitalist future, the ‘Stack’, propaganda and information wars.

Keys: extraterritorial recognition, poverty, refugees, transnational corporations, global regulative mechanisms, supranational (cosmopolitan) legal system, post-Westphalian order, misrecognition and recognition, sovereignty, indigenous rights, forensic activism.
Keys: rational agency, social realization of cognition, communal institution of rules, Wilfrid Sellars (discursive “oughts” and conventions, practical intelligibilities, revisionary constructive synthesis, logical irreducibility of conceptual activities, normative discontinuities, multiple-realizability of the mind), social model for AGI (artificial general intelligence), prometheanism, neo-confucianism (Mou Zongsan), transfeminism/ xenofeminism/ cyberfeminism.

Unthinkable Nomos Abstract

There is already a new nomos in formation, co-evolving around us through the accidental megastructure of planetary-scale computation – a supranational historic moment in process, from which we do not yet have enough distance to call it by name. We do not believe this process is absolutely ineffable or lacking intelligibility, we even say this process is not unthinkable. Yet, as a self-futurizing exercise, recognizing and understanding the unthinkable of nomos must take itself beyond our contemporary normative conditions, launching from multi-perspectival views in liminal spaces (both abstract and concrete) where identity politics blur with the misrecognized, the misplaced(?) or the proudly ambiguous, to zones free from top-down Corporatocratic domination.

To actually attempt this kind of (un)thinking requires an actualization that transits between the ‘outside-in’ and the ‘inside-out’––in other words, it involves skin-deep transformational critical thinking. It involves unthinking and rewiring our own contemporary narratives rather than reconstituting unjust territorial, political and institutional frameworks, including dismantling media rhetoric that (dis)orients us with uncritical judgments and opinions. During the Unthinkable Nomos Conference Event and Workshop, we will discuss together how we can derive conceptions and affordances of the new nomos in order to gain traction upon new spatial and rational freedoms, “for all of our alien kin”. Our aims are clear, to develop research and ideas into more sensitive languages and sonic/visual cues for the public sphere, that can expose the rhetoric that makes visible surrounding hegemonic and xenophobic discourses, including thinking ourselves out of our contemporary state of total (information) war on all citizens. We would like to unthink our contemporary mutating nomos, to germinate a self-correcting enterprise for extraterritorial social political justice and greater rational freedoms for all.

Application Deadline

Application deadline extended until 26 October.
Workshop will take place in Vilnius. For any other questions or clarifications please contact us nomos@unthinkable.site