The top and bottom shells are made of aluminum, with grey plastic sandwiched in between. The bottom of the PDA has the 3. Learn more about Amazon Prime. There’s a slew of ways to get your files on and off the device, too: WiFi signal strength and status is indicated in the bottom status bar. I ncluded on the CD:

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If you decide to get SDHC enabled thus, don’t password-protect palmone lifedrive Lifedrive–nor, any other Palm eligible for such upgrading. Great sound, but it’s trapped in Palmone lifedrive world. Guess we have to accept the fact that it is the only mainline PDA with an HD built in, and deal with the limitations of that.

I think that the unit sounds quite good. After I finally was able liffdrive get the new software palmone lifedrive, I began playing with the LifeDrive Manager. They now both support native format files and folders.

Its 4GBs of storage should be enough for palmone lifedrive anyone to carry all their critical documents and media. To me, it seems that dropping a unit with a removeable battery causes the battery to fall off half the time.

PalmOne LifeDrive

On the left spine, you’ll find a voice recorder button and a palmone lifedrive handy key that lets you switch between Portrait and Landscape modes.


Review Sections Review Specs.

Quick Erase which takes 5 palmone lifedrive and Secure Erase that can take 30 minutes. A certain percentage of them will die, either from defect or incidental damage. That said, the LifeDrive’s form factor and the power drain of these advanced lufedrive features would prevent us from using it as our primary MP3 player or PMP see Performance. Not palmone lifedrive on the Dell.

Palmone lifedrive down from the top, we see the stylus, SDIO slot, and power switch. Retrieved from ” https: I was excited by the specifications for the device its relatively large storage capacity and its large display ; However, I encountered substantial problems within weeks of my purchase: While relatively large compared palmone lifedrive the mAh battery in the T5, I would have liked to palmone lifedrive an even larger capacity given the extremely draining nature of a spinning hard disk.

I am hoping that Tapwave will continue to produce exciting devices.

The device was PalmOne’s first and only foray into the “Mobile Manager” device category. But over the years both the hardware and software has become increasingly more palmone lifedrive, while the reverse has happened in PalmOS’s case.

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What do you reckon to using one of these as a multi media device? The slide shows are simple to create and customizable, as you can choose the photos and videos to display, set the transition time and effects, add background music and voice memos, and more. I palmone lifedrive repeated the test on the LifeDrive using palmone lifedrive same 1gb card. HP Enterprise Handheld Have fun missing all paalmone appointments because the palmone lifedrive don’t go off. I originally intended to buy a Portable Media Player like an i-river or similar but thought to myself how nice it would be to have something that i could play a game on or better still access the internet with when i am not listening to music primary reason or watching movies.


Palm LifeDrive Review

The LifeDrive will palmone lifedrive be available for that price for some time. Any form of hard-reset liefdrive erase the entire contents of the hard palmone lifedrive, without exception. Problem is that the battery is not user swappable. PalmOS often crashes for God only knows what reason. Carefully ground oneself from static.

They can be customized to open different applications, and palmone lifedrive surround a five-way navigation toggle with a center Select button. Still, in my admittedly WiFi-saturated house, the Lifedrive held a good signal even in the weaker spots.

Until then, you cannot see a good thing hovering in palmone lifedrive of your face.