Subscribe to Product News. There are some on these forums who actually test scanners using test charts or using a “slanted edge” test and use those to determine real world resolutions. I scan using multi-exposure and multi-scan usually 4 passes for 5 total at a reported dpi and have not experienced a 19 minute scan. Some may cry foul at this point, since the Nikon is a top-of the line device designed for professional use – but it’s an old model and at dpi, its resolution is substantially below that of the Plustek’s dpi, at least on paper. The crops below show the same detail of the photo above, scanned at dpi with and without iSRD:. Quite the contrary – just remind yourself again how small a portion of the full frame we are peeping at here, and you’ll agree that the Plustek is quite an achiever, especially at the price point it is being sold at.

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Plustek i Ai Replacement for Plustek i | B&H Photo Video

For the majority of a typical hobbyist’s photographs, scanning at around dpi should be enough. I have a i, and the specs say dpi. ImageFolio or just save plustek 7500i on your hard disk, you can specify the file plustek 7500i, the destination folder, a file name prefix, the scanning mode 24 or bit colour, 8 or bit black-and-whitethe input resolution, apply one of a few plustek 7500i filters, and make basic brightness, plushek and gamma adjustments.

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Plustek OpticFilm 7500i SE Scanner

The only film I have tried that I have had trouble with is the original Fuji Reala. The one for mounted slides is reasonably solid and holds the transparencies – up to four at a time – firmly in position.


Maybe plustek 7500i scanner doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of one of the super high end and super high priced models, but for someone who just wants to archive their personal photos on their own time, it performs way off the top of the charts. Yes I can scan and create a file that big, but I don’t see any plustek 7500i detail beyond It suprised me thats why I remember the opinion.

My family has hundreds plustek 7500i old Kodachrome slides stored away plustek 7500i slide clips and carousels. I’d be wary of Vuescan’s multi-exposure feature.

Plustek i SE film scanner I love this scanner. Negative films are not simply the inverse of positive film – they all have an orange mask, plustek 7500i needs to be filtered out in order to get the colours right.

The scanner is easy to setup and plustek 7500i operate.

Hi Ryan, Plustek OpticFilm doesn;t has true dpi, plustek 7500i has about true dpi resolution. Just because a plustek 7500i is 12mp vs a 10mp camera does not necessarily mean that the image will be sharper. I have a brief previous experience with a Minolta Dimage dualscan IV and the Plustek is better in all regards, specially the infrared dust reduction that the Minolta lacks.

Given that QuickScan provides no access plustek 7500i some of the Plustek i’s most useful features, you will have to learn how to use SilverFast, no matter how intimidating it may seem at first plustek 7500i.

The software Silverfast is quite good and the infrared dust and scratch reduction system works very well for slides, not so good for color negative film but acceptable. Set up of the scanner pljstek have been easier. The film holders, while plastic, feel sturdy and well made. SilverFast 8 supports Photoshop Elements 8 to I would have no qualms about going to 13″ x 19″.


The infra-red dust and scratch removal works really well, from what I’ve experienced, and makes post processing much plustek 7500i tedious. The dust and scratch removal tool iSRD is especially helpful. Our 75000i to understand movies explain everything in detail.

This serves to improve the dynamic range of the plustek 7500i by scanning plustek 7500i photo twice, with different levels of analogue gain applied.

As noted above, you get two different 35mm film holders along with the scanner. I also have not scanned any Kodachrome yet. The hinges are on the shorter side, making it awkward to open and close the holder. That might plustek 7500i my decision for me right there. I do not have a lot to spend on a scanner as I have already gone plustek 7500i out on a Leica M and lenses.

I think the Plustek’s presumably cheaper, fixed-focus optic can be one of the culprits here, which probably doesn’t compare well with the Nikon’s high-grade ED lens and plustek 7500i. To make matters more complicated, every type of negative film has its own version of this orange mask, giving you no one-size-fits-all solution to this problem.

Plusstek would have been a better idea to put the plusetk on the longer side, at least from a handling point of view. plustek 7500i

Plustek 24 Bit Plustek 7500i. If you’re doing color negatives and not slides it may be adequate as the low dynamic range will be less of an issue.