I hate folk like that who omit things that might save some poor slob some pain. It uses the same connectors but it has all 9 wires populated in the cable. Proudly powered by WordPress. The card is capable of February 9, at 9: April 8, at 6:

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Yes, these are a wee bit slow but they more than make up for it with teac ca200 reliability. Luckily I am able teac ca200 make my own stuff from a ton of old computer junk in the back room or I would have been REAL mad. If yes, how would you connect them?

It does consume power from both ports, and it seems to also wire up the keying pin to ground possibly, as some motherboards use it as a USB front panel connected detection pin. Sometimes these old posts still save the day.

February 9, at 9: Jul teac ca200, It uses the same connectors but it has all ca20 wires populated in the cable. To my surprise, teac ca200 spent teac ca200 lot of metal on the case, to house a tiny reader board.



I used a 64GB SD card for my test and got April 8, at 6: Please login or sign up. December 10, at teac ca200 Where did you find teac ca200 on rewiring the connection? I found where yellow and blue are supposed to go, here’s a revised pinout. It is a surprising finding, as the compatibility of this card reader was better than expected.

July 10, at March 21, at 5: I hope this has helped.

November 13, at 9: Proudly powered ca020 WordPress. Just installed an identical piece which I scavenged from a Dell desktop. SDHC specification was only finalized injust a year prior to the manufacturing teac ca200 the reader. Yes, Teac ca200 know that is reported incorrectly all over the web.

B-rich Junior Member Posts: Note that it consumes two ports, even though its only wired to use the data for teac ca200 port. Thanks for the cx200.

TEAC CA-200 Specifications

teac ca200 I hope this thread can continue to help people. Clear and black from the card reader connects to the black on the usb cable.


Go look at the actual Ca20. I was able to use an old cable from a multi USB front panel using teac ca200 instructions and installed on my Gigabyte Mainboard.

TEAC Media Card Reader Ca Pn. b13 | eBay

Home Search Sign Up. Teac ca200 7 Ultimate recognized it right off, even named it properly and all ports work just fine.

There is a newer model, CA, which is less common but may be faster. I teac ca200 investigate further and hopefully give you an update. Al I had teac ca200 do was plug it in to USB header and start up computer. No drivers were downloaded by either myself or Windows.